The Absolute Best Natural & Spiritual Ways to Overcome Depression Forever

Understanding Where it Comes From

If you want to understand how to fight and win against depression you need to know some of the common roots involved in the depression that is manifesting in your life. Here is the most common list...


-unresolved emotional trauma (which opened spiritual spiritual doors)

-neurotransmitter imbalance

-hormonal imbalances

-food allergies

-alcoholism (again, alcohol opens spiritual doors)

-nutrition deficiencies

-lack of sunlight

-toxicity from metals

-toxic mold

I do not suffer with depression but have suffered in the past with major anxiety almost to the point of agoraphobia and during that time I got a taste of the depression that many of you have been going through for years, maybe decades. The matter was spiritual, manifesting in adrenal fatigue and therefore my hormones were a complete mess. The trigger was STRESS. See, the symptoms in our physical and emotional state are an indicator that He would like to do some work. So many people take a prescription medicine to supress the symptom, leaving the root untouched and festering deep below the surface only for it to rise up again. But God's way is so different. We can help our body and mind get relief from the symptoms and actually physically heal with natural medicine, while we work on emotional healing and getting rid of the spiritual root with the Lord.

Because you need RELIEF right now, let's talk about the natural medicine first and get you on the path to feeling better very quickly.

Natural Ways That Really Work

Dr. Joshua Axe is my favorite natural doctor and my go -to when I have questions, he never disappoints and this topic proves that! Here are excerpts from his site on some of the most powerful things found in nature to physically heal our body and mind from the effects of depression.

Omega-3 foods: Research shows that one of the most important components of your diet in order to prevent or treat mood disorders is omega-3 foods. Your brain lipids are actually composed of fatty acids. Of those those fatty acids, 33 percent belong to the omega-3 family. That means that you need to eat omega-3s in order for your brain to function properly. Omega-3s benefit the brain by promoting communication processes and reducing inflammation. (8) The best omega-3 foods include wild-caught fish like salmon, mackerel, herring and white fish, walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds, natto and egg yolks.

Fruits and Vegetables: A diet high in fruits and vegetables increases your intake of vital nutrients that support your mood. Fruits and veggies high in folate, for example, promote the brain’s metabolic processes and research shows that a folate deficiency can lead to depressive symptoms. (9) Some of the top folate foods include spinach, asparagus, avocado, beets and broccoli. Your body also needs antioxidant foods to combat the biochemical changes that take place when you’re under stress. A study published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry found that antioxidant therapy for 6 weeks significantly reduced both depression and anxiety scores in observed patients. (10) Some of the top antioxidant foods include blueberries, goji berries, blackberries, cranberries and artichokes.

These are my favorite way to fit all my super fruits and super veggies into every single day without having to go to the grocery store or clean, chop or cook anything! Some of the EXACT fruits and veggies that Dr. Axe lists for depression! And bonus, the Reds have 100% of your B vitamins which you will read later is also on the list!

And second, the Super Greens have blue green algae to sweep all of those heavy metals from your system (a common cause, remember?) and four different mushrooms known to fight everything from said depression to cancer and more! Save $48 on the pair when you buy them together.

Adaptogen Herbs: Adaptogen herbs are a class of healing plants that improves stress hormones and relax the nervous system. They help to balance and protect the body by reducing cortisol levels when your under any type of stress. Two adaptogens that work as natural remedies for depression include rhodiola and ashwagandha. Rhodiola works by increasing the sensitivity of your neurons, including two neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters help to increase focus and memory, and improve mood. Ashwagandha works to combat the effects of stress, reduce anxiety and depression and balance hormones. But the best part about these natural remedies for depression is that there are no adverse side effects, as opposed to most antidepressant medications.

The supplement above is an adaptogenic herb blend (the very adaptogens that Dr. Axe spoke of) that has helped thousands of people get off their anti-anxiety and depression meds and FEEL BETTER in every way. Just click to photo to order.

B-Complex: B vitamins are involved in neurotransmitter function and research shows that low levels of both folate and vitamin B12 levels, in particular, are linked to depressive symptoms. This is especially true for patients who have been treated with lithium and those with alcoholism. Vitamin B12 supports the neurological system and boosts energy levels, and folate supports nutrient absorption, helps to reduce irritability and fights fatigue. Taking a B-complex vitamin will help to produce serotonin naturally and relieve depressant symptoms, without the need for medications or toxic sugary foods.

Now that we've covered the natural ways you can start feeling better and getting your life back right away, let's look at the spiritual side of this battle.

Depression in the Bible




Moses, and

Jeremiah all had incredible, miraculous relationships with the Lord, but when what they expected to happen after their obedience to Him didn't happen-each expressed in mourning that they'd be better off dead or never born. WOW.

What about JESUS?

Isaiah says that Jesus was a man familiar with grief too, but the difference is that Jesus trusted in the Father's plan. He had pure HOPE that God's goodness would prevail. And as we all know Jesus was restored to GLORY and redemption won over grief as a result of Him trusting and walking through God's purpose for the pain.

If you suffer with depression, you need to know that God's word calls that a spirit of heaviness. It's a demon. When grief comes we all have a choice to either trust in the God of Hope, or partner with a spirit of heaviness. Maybe you were going along just fine and something unexpected happened that caused you suffering when you expected only happiness. Or maybe your life just hasn't turned out as expected and you feel like a failure as a result. Enter disappointment, that led to grief, that gave way to deferred hope that made your heart sick with a spirit of heaviness. Whatever the case-biblically, your depression is born out of a wrongful reaction to unmet expecations and/or life's disappointments. Here is how to get free...


It's time to rewind and undo that partnership you made with that evil spirit of heaviness and get back on the path to God's full glory and redemption for your life.

Ask Holy Spirit to show you where you first partnered with that demonic spirit. What disappointent in your life gave way to this? When He brings it to mind first forgive everyone involved. Just say it outloud, "I choose to forgive so and so for...." Don't forget to include yourself if this forgivenss. Forgive yourself for past sin, bad choices, etc.

Once all fogiveness has been released before the Father in Jesus, it is time to repent. Repent for the idolotry of making yourself your own god by hanging onto what you wanted for your life instead of trusting in God and His plan and purpose for you. As well as for not trusting in His redemption of what the enemy did to you if that pertains.

Now break your agreement with all demonic spirits of heaviness and cast them out and off of your life. "I repent for partnering with satan in my grief instead of trusting in you Yaweh! And I break all agreements, spoken and unspoken, that I made with him and his unholy spirits in my life! I command all spirits of heaviness and their partners off and out of me, my life and my generations right now and forever in Jesus's Holy name! Go to where Jesus tells you to go."

Filling up with GOOD

Now it's time to FILL UP! Ask Holy Spirit to fill you up with His fruits of JOY and PEACE to in Jesus's name. Surrender to the Lord in every way! Lift your hands and let Him fill you. Breathe Him in and just enjoy the moment in His presence as long as you can. Then rise up renewed and forever FREE! The next time grief or disappointment comes you will be armed with a trust and HOPE for God's plan for your life. Amen. For more help with inner healing and deliverance you can download the Freedom Fighters book for free right here.





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