Thirteen Ways to Fight the Flu (Naturally and Supernaturally)

If you spend any amount of time on social media, listening to the radio or reading the newspaper then I can guarantee that you have been bombarded with fear laced stories and reports of this year's killer flu. We definitely do not want it making an appearance in our household and I know you feel the same, so what can we do? Let's cut to the chase-

How to Fight Physically The best way to treat the flu is never to get it in the first place! Keeping your body Alkalized and Detoxed with GREENS is a MUST along with a power packed IMMUNITY blend and perfect MULTI-VITAMIN, but should you find yourself fighting a virus, here is how to go about it.

Earlier this year I had a wonderful Saturday evening facetime chat with my daughter who is states away at college. We said good night and I went to bed not thinking a thing and the Lord gave me a dream that she was once again a baby who was walking home alone. She needed me and I could not get to her. In the dream I was so regretful and kept asking myself, "Why did I let her do this alone, why did I let her do this alone?" At the end of the dream I was at the airport trying to get to her feeling some relief that I would soon be there but still kicking myself that I let her make such a journey alone as a baby.

I then woke to a 6am text that she had a high fever, body aches and a horrible cough. I knew right then-the Lord is gracious and He was telling me to GO help her. He also mercifully provided a $68 round trip plane ticket (unheard of!). I boarded later that afternoon and arrived to her before midnight with an arsenal of natural remedies in my carry on. Besides praying over her and rebuking the enemy while she slept, here is what I did...

(Just click each step to read why I chose these and what they do for your body!)

Garlic- she had already started taking this immune booster before I got there! I taught her well! 

Astragulus- Find this inexpensive, power packed flu fighting herb at most health food stores!

Echinecea- This one actually inhibits at least 5 different flu strains!

Vitamin C and Vitamin D-These are obvious, but click to read about them anyway, you may be surprised at the new findings!

The Wet Sock Treatment- Yes it's weird, and yes it works! Do this for three nights even if you feel better after one. 

Oregano Oil - This nasty flu has been leading to pneumonia so we weren't taking any chances. Besides making her get up to breath some fresh outdoor air for five minutes every few hours, I added a few drops of this antiviral, antibacterial oil to a cup of steaming hot water and had her breathe deeply to fight any infection that would try to settle in her lungs.  

Thai Coconut Soup- I loosely used this recipe and made the best tasting flu fighting soup in all the land! Okay, that may be over stating-but this was SO GOOD that I would eat it even if I didn't need to fight the flu! I added Coconut Milk and a bit of Honey for sweetness and the Turmeric is key so I added lots of extra which makes a beautiful, bright yellow broth.  Maitake Mushrooms- (Found in this awesome Immunity blend). Many diseases render our own immune system useless. These incredible mushrooms actually rekindle and power up our immunity cells to do what the Lord intended them to do, which is fight to the victory against any and all invaders. These are a MUST!

I spent three days and three nights cooped up in a tiny dorm style room with no windows nursing my girl back to health, and I came home untouched. Thank you JESUS-you are amazing and I adore my life with YOU! Protecting yourself SPIRITUALLY

There are two scriptures that the Lord has spoken to me about this flu (and all sickness for that matter!). Let's start with my favorite-

"Behold, I have given you authority over serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy so that nothing may by any means hurt you." Luke 10:19

That's pretty straight forward. This is Jesus telling us that nothing evil may harm us-that means people, bacteria, viruses, terrorist, satanic controlled weather, etc. You name it! If it's evil-we have authority over it! However, as you know, we humans are being harmed by evil all the time and there are many reasons for that. For starters, so many do not comprehend nor use their authority in Jesus. That comes with understanding our identity as born again believers, and then walking in the authority as sons and daughters of the King! 

But second-scripture addresses why some believers are sick in 1Corinthians chapter 112