Fizzy Pomegranate Slushy with Collagen

The bible holds pomegranates in such high regard that they were brought back by the spies from the promised land, featured in Solomon's temple and lined the hem of the robe of the high priest to wear as he entered the holy of holies! Clearly pomegranates are special. And if they are special to the One who created them, I want them in my life. And it is no surprise that they pack a powerful nutrional punch! Just read....

"The juice of pomegranate is been shown to have three times the antioxidant property as compared to Red Wine. A cup of pomegranate has 7 gms of fiber, 3 gms of protein, Vitamin C, K, Folate and Pottasium. More importantly it has two plant compounds punicalagins and punicic acid (also known as pomegranate seed oil), the reason pomegrantes are powerful antioxidants.

Pomegranate has powerful anti-inflamatory properties which are an outcome of the antioxidant properties of the punicalagins. Studies have also shown that pomegranate juice can result in lower blood pressure.Pomegranate is also known to help in breast and prostrate cancer. It also is known to reduce the effects of plaque and various oral diseases. Pomegranate also supplies essential iron which reduces symptoms of anemia." (Source riteshbawri. com)
Photo from Organicfacts .com

Now that we are all on the same page when it comes to this beautiful fruit, let's have some fun with it! If you want to read all about why every human should be taking collagen and why I added it into this recipe, click here! Or scroll down for the slushy recipe!

I took this photo of a man making fresh squeezed Pomegranate juice in Old Jerusalem on my trip in 2014. Oh how I long to go back!

Fizzy Pomegranate Slushy with Collagen (No Blender Needed!)

This basic slushy how to is found at favfamilyrecipes .com, I tweaked it a bit to make this delicous grown up healthy version!

1 Quart sized Ziplock Bag 10-12 ice cubes

1T kosher Salt

1 Sandwhich sized Ziplock Bag

1C Pomegranate Juice 1 Collagen Works Tropical Crush Single Serve Packet

1/4 c Sparkling Water

1. Place ice cubes and salt in a quart-sized Ziploc bag

2. Place juice in a smaller sandwich-sized Ziploc bag, press out all the air and seal tightly

3. Place bag of juice inside the bag of ice and seal.

4. Shake for about 3-5 minutes or until juice is slushy-like

5. Pour slushy into a glass, top with sparkling water and serve immediately. *Makes 1 serving.