Can't Lose Weight? This May Be Your Issue...

Greens in Tropicana Probiotic Bottled Juice

"A body filled with toxic substances, such as heavy metals, is often confined in a state of weight-loss resistance, wherein the body cannot lose weight. Until toxins are cleared from the body, individuals will struggle to lose weight, regardless of following a strict diet or exercise protocol. Common sources of toxic heavy metals, like mercury and lead, include amalgam tooth fillings, seafood, body care products, cookware, immunizations, and drinking water. Heavy metal toxicity affects individuals at the cellular level, and compromises how well cells function. Considering the onslaught of toxins to which people are exposed today, and the coinciding obesity epidemic, a safe and effective heavy metal detoxification protocol is needed now more than ever before."

~Dr. Poompa

NOW for the GOOD NEWS! Chlorella is an algae that literally wraps itself around the heavy metals and washes them out of your system! Combining this algae with its blue-green counterpart,Spirulina, and green leafy vegetables will detoxify the poison metals from your body! WOOT WOOT!

It may take a couple of years or more to be fully rid of all metals, but it is never too late to start and everyday counts! I have been taking all of the above daily as powdered Greens starting on August 6th and have lost 10 lbs in 17 days!) YESSSS!#wherehaveyoubeenallmylife #lovingmesomegreens

Greens come in Chocolate, Berry Or Orange and cost about a dollar per serving!

(I spared a scoop for my cute granddaughter this morning and she guzzled them! If she only knew! Lol)

P.S. With my discount these Greens cost about $1 per serving. That is incredible considering all they do for your temple! Contact me and I will tell you how to get my same discount and more!