Baby it's Cold Outside!

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream."

~C.S. Lewis I had the pleasure of photographing my daughter's pregnancy shoot when she was expecting Ella years ago and we had so much fun! I treasure those photos as does she. So when she said she was expecing her second I had high hopes she would ask me again but she had actually made other plans with a real photographer and I was totally good with that. I totally get why! But when plans fell through and I got to be the back up I was pretty happy wth that! Lol

Both mama and Ella are GORGEOUS and oh so fun so our spontaneous shoot was a blast! I seriously couldn't wait to get home to edit and send them over. Honestly, it kind of makes me want to be a 'real photographer'. It could happen, you just never know.... (Thank you Adonai for my beautiful family! Every good and perfect gift is from YOU, my cup runneth over!)