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Spring is in the air and so is the NEW

Spring Collection!


Emerald Oils were born out of a pure love for and desire to please Yeshua, my Lord and Savoir and the Creator of all things.

In seeking to understand medicinal healing He led me to the natural world He created, in my longing to use essential oils in my own life and recommendations to others, He showed me how the occult has infiltrated almost every oil company in existence.


The one or two smaller companies I did find where new age occultism hadn't tainted, it seemed the incredible medical insight and focus took a back burner to the what I call the 'fluff' of oils.

Emerald Oils seeks to fill all these gaps. Our oils are 100% physically and spiritually unadulterated. You will not find articles about yoga, reiki or other occult practices here. Nor will you ever see me recommend using oils as a means to connect with the spirit world. That is to be done by the Holy Spirit and Him alone. 

As I continue to learn the medicinal value of oils and how Jesus expects us to utilize them in our healing, how He as a Spirit values aromas and natural elements (like communion) for spiritual purposes, and how He created everything with a frequency and somehow that relates to our deliverance and healing in Him, I will pass it on to YOU.

This is only the beginning, expect new singles and blends to be added monthly!

All Emerald Oils are third party tested and proven to be unstretched, unadulterated and organic. They are pure enough to be taken internally, but I NEVER recommend that. It has been proven that consumption is the least effective way to get the benefits from essential oils. I love to use Herbal Supplements for internal use and am happy to recommend a regimen for you combining both wonderful herbal supplements and powerful essential oils.

If you are looking for something you don't see, please send me a chat messages and I will add it to the list. I am also always here if you need recommendations for your healing. Pay special attention to the Methods of use listed under each oil as they are specific to that oil and your healing. 


Also, know that at least 10% of all profits from your purchase will always go to furthering God's Kingdom and rescuing those in need. 

God bless you and yours,

Sherri Ohler

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